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What We Do

We have the power to impact our future, and we’re doing something about it. You can commit yourself to helping a child, a family, and a community

Technical Education & Training

The Stone Technical College

The Stone Technical College was established to provide education and training which produces knowledge and skills for empowerment. TSDF recognizes that technical skill is a crucial vehicle for social empowerment, economic empowerment, and sustainable development.

Feed the Children

Feed the Children

Feed the children is an initiative which started in 2013 with the main focus of alleviating childhood hunger. We provide nutritional meal to school age pupils, as well as training them on the importance of nutritional diet in child development.

Prison Outreach

Prison visitation and rehabilitation program is designed to restore hope and provide social support to prisoners and their families. We care for prisoners’ families and help strengthen the bond between children and their parents who are behind bars.

Medical Outreach

We work to improve delivery of quality educational services through capacity building for young people, unemployed graduates, capacity building for service providers, and provision of learning resource packages